Bingo: How to play and what are the rules?

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How to play bingo, what are the rules?

Bingo is a must for New Year’s Eve. This game of chance, which has many lovers in our country, is usually played at crowded family gatherings. Children look forward to the arrival of bingo parties. So, how to play the popular and popular bingo, what are the rules? Here are all the details of the bingo game…
You don’t need to make long trades or develop a strategy to play bingo. To win at bingo, all you have to do is keep track of the numbers that come out of the bag. If you’re lucky, you end up with all the zinc on your card and win the game. “How to play bingo, what are the rules of the game?” Before answering questions like, let’s take a look at the short history of the game.

History of the game of bingo

The origin of the game of bingo dates back to the 1530s. At that time, Bingo was known as a popular game of chance among the wealthy in Italy. The game spread to France, Germany and throughout Europe in the following centuries. In the 1900s, mathematics professor Carl Leffler was working on the game and improving bingo. During these years, bingo was played in schools to teach children about numbers. Today, bingo has spread all over the world under the name “bingo”.


How to play bingo, what are the rules?

There are no limitations on who can play bingo. Once you have the bingo equipment, at least two people can get together and play bingo. You can purchase bingo equipment or produce it at home on your own. Let’s take a look at how this game is played after learning these equipment.

Bingo Game Equipement

  • A dark bag
  • Small stones with numbers from 1 to 90.
  • Numbers from 1 to 90; Cards with 24-30 numbers written randomly on 3 lines.
  • Pieces of paper cut evenly to cover the numbers on the card.

First, all the stones are put in the bag and mixed well. Otherwise, the stones can come in order. One person is responsible for removing the numbers from the bag. This person can be involved in the game or stay out of the game. Then the cards with the numbers are dealt to everyone. These cards can also be sold for small amounts, if desired. For example, if a person wants to increase their chances in the game, they can buy two or three cards. This way, bingo is made more fun.


Bingo Rules and Gameplay

The person determined to draw the numbers from the bag begins the game. After shuffling the bag thoroughly, he or she draws a random number and announces this number to everyone. Players check to see if the number drawn from the bag is on their card. If the number is on the card, cover it with a piece of paper. The number coming out of the bag may not match any number on the card. The numbers continue to be drawn from the bag. If one of the rows on the card is completely covered, the first zinc is complete. If the player wishes, he or she may call out the first zinc.
Players continue to cover the numbers on their cards while the stone is drawn from the bag. If the second row is completed, the second zinc can be announced in the same way.
The player who completes all three rows on their card has the bingo and wins the game. Sometimes two people can complete all the numbers at the same time. In this case, both players win.
When someone says bingo, their card is checked by other players to see if they are cheating.

What are the rewards ?

Some rewards can be given to increase the fun of the game. For example, a certain amount of money can be collected from each player at the beginning of the game and given to the winning player. Some gifts can also be interesting and enjoyable, especially for children. For example, wafers or sugar can be given for each zinc or bingo.

How do I play online bingo?

You don’t necessarily have to buy or make the game to play bingo. It is possible to play Bingo on the Internet. This way, you avoid both the waiting time and the difficulty of looking for the numbers drawn from the bag on your card. You can have the option of playing bingo online with applications that you download to your phone or via websites.

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